Universal Parrot Teleprompter Mount

Universal Parrot Teleprompter Mount

The Padcaster Universal Parrot Teleprompter Mount provides a versatile solution for using your Parrot Teleprompter on non-standard cameras and cameras without threaded lenses. Easily attach the Parrot Teleprompter to point-and-shoot cameras, camcorders, GoPros, webcams, action cams, smartphones or laptop computers with the adjustable arm and universal mount assembly, the included Padcaster Verse Smartphone Grip or lens clip with 37mm mounting ring.

Note: Parrot Teleprompter Kit is sold separately. Does not include Mini-Tripod. Should you require a Mini-Tripod, please let us know. Email [email protected]

Price: £49.00 +VAT

The Universal Parrot Teleprompter Mount includes:

Two-piece adjustable mounting arm with 37mm internal thread

Mounting hood with 58mm front thread

37mm mounting hood and rubber-coated rear cap

Cheeseplate mount with 27 ¼-20 threads, including three recessed holes for tripod screws

1 - ¼-20 screw

37mm threaded lens clip

Padcaster Verse Smartphone Grip

*Product does not include Parrot Teleprompter or Mini-Tripod. Should you need either of these items, let us know. Email [email protected]

To get you started using Universal Parrot Teleprompter Mount with whichever camera you have, here are some quick links:

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Please note: At Raiveon, we usee the Padcaster Parrot Teleprompter in conjunction with the mount for our setup. Our preferred recording device is an iPhone. As active users of this equipment, we highly recommend it.