We’re a family of video experts,
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Welcome to Raiveon and our story

We’re Raiveon, a boutique family company helping to create effective in-house videos.

Founded in 2005 we started by designing and delivering systems training. Video soon became incorporated into the offering with video creation using TechSmith Camtasia software.

Our client base grew and we soon become the UK’s TechSmith Camtasia specialists.

In 2014 we expanded to start selling TechSmith Camtasia software. And not long after, we fell in love with Padcaster video products enabling clients to create their own videos, soon becoming Padcaster UK’s preferred supplier and training partner.

Licenced by TechSmith and Padcaster we have grown over the years as specialists in video production, video training and video creation products. We remain determined to do everything we can to help make effective videos.

Jayne’s story

Combining my love for teaching and my enjoyment of making videos with TechSmith Camtasia, I help clients create instructional and informational videos with TechSmith Camtasia video training and production services.

During my career of 20 years in Training & Development, I have designed effective, engaging and bespoke training solutions, delivered face-to-face, through video tutorials, e-learning and the virtual classroom.

I’m passionate about learning, attention to detail, providing a professional service and I enjoy helping others to develop new skills. In December 2019 I was elected to the Board of Directors for the eLearning Network, managing the Mentoring scheme.

Recent projects include:

  • e-learning curriculum and certification
  • Interactive virtual classrooms
  • How to video tutorials
  • Script writing, screen capture, voice-over and video editing
  • Quality assurance

Some of our video training clients:

Kevin’s story

In the 80s and early 90s, I could be found as a part-time lighting engineer for bands and an occasional cameraman. Whilst great fun, it didn’t pay the bills and I went off to a career in IT. Skip forward a couple of decades or so and I joined Jayne at Raiveon in 2014.

In that time, video technology had changed immeasurably. Video editing software was easy to learn and accessible and everyone had the means to make video thanks to smartphones and tablets.

TechSmith, iPhones and Padcaster filming

I originally freelanced for TechSmith in the UK, delivering Camtasia training to key clients.

I then took an interest in filming with an iPhone at a time when the concept was very new. Working with associates from the BBC and other broadcasters, I developed our smartphone filming training courses back in 2015.

At around the same time, I met Padcaster. Their head-turning film equipment for iPads and Smartphones had just been introduced to the UK and I was taken with it instantly.

We not only use Padcaster products in-house, we’re their premier trainer and reseller, shipping Padcaster products around the globe.

Some of our clients we’ve produced videos with:

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